Whenever we run a website competition, we always tell our mailing list members about it first. So it’s no surprise that often, it’s our members who walk away with the prizes.

Take our Easter competition, in which the grand prize was two cases of Mateus Sparkling Rosé and 24 Mateus Rosé sparkling wine flutes. The lucky winner was Barbara from Wiltshire – just in time to use it to host her own Royal Wedding party. Runners-up included:

Veronica from Handsworthwood, Rachel from Milton Keynes, Daniel from Bletchley, Martyn from East Sussex, Carol from Bolton, Alex from Glasgow, Andrew from Hove, Dawn from Reading, Marie from Newport, Olive from Crewe, Steven from Tonbridge, Martin from Devon, Des from Warrington, Lorna from Cambridge, Paul from Bolton, Kate from Norfolk, Philip from Cheltenham, Rachel from Winstanley, Shirley from Livingston.

Not only do our members hear about our website competitions first, but because we want everyone to experience the taste of Portugal, you get another chance to win with Mateus Rosé every time you refer a friend to one of our competitions. Last time, for example, the winner was Jason, from Marlow. He was the lucky recipient of a mixed case of Mateus Rosé, including two bottles of Mateus Rosé Shiraz and two bottles of Mateus Sparkling Rosé.

So watch this space for more competitions in the near future. And if you haven’t yet signed up to our mailing list, well, there’s no time like the present. Just click here.